About Us
Welcome home, Pixels of Web3.

Pixel the Unicorn

Welcome to Pixel - a self-sustained, vibrant community with a passion for pixel art, creativity and rainbow unicorns. With $PIXE facilitating cross-chain interactions, powering unique digital experiences, and unlocking a world of artistic expression—we've created a sanctuary for those who dream in pixels.

Why $PIXE?

Locked Liquidity & No Team Allocation

After a fair launch in May 2023, Megapont locked the LP for 99 years, renounced ownership & airdropped their market-bought tokens to the community in the first week of trading.

Community-Led Governance

Pixel's vibrant community finds its voice in the Rainbow Senate, a governance organ that places power in the hands of its members.

Pixel Art Ecosystem

At Pixel, the world of pixel art finds a dedicated home, fostering a supportive and engaging community for both emerging and established artists.

$PIXE-Powered Utilities

Through $PIXE, Pixel pioneers cross-chain creativity with Ordinals and teleburn services, connecting ETH and BTC in an art-centric ecosystem.


  • November 2023

    MegaPixe NFT launch
    $PIXE's non-fungible counterpart, MegaPixe, was launched in November 2023 by MegaPont as a showcase of interoperability between BTC and ETH. MegaPixe's traits were inscribed onto Ordinals, and have been beamed from the Satoshi chain to the Vitalik chain, linking the two chains into eternity.
  • Q1 2024

    $PIXE Utilities
    $PIXE-powered Ordinals inscriptions & teleburn services are set to launch in Q1 2023, bringing a promising set of utilities to the token that will help drive Ordinals adoption and Pixel creativity.
  • Q1 2024

    CoinGecko / CoinMarketCap Listings
    To support our visibility, we will work on getting $PIXE listed on these token-tracking platforms.
  • Q1/Q2 2024

    Pixel Art Contests
    Built around the $PIXE-powered inscription service, we will host various pixel art contests to bring together pixel artists, pixel lovers and $PIXE lovers.
  • Q2 2024

    In the 2nd quarter of 2024 we aim to expand the Pixel brand by building various partnerships with pixel art projects, pixel artists and other related creators.

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